Messsage From Managing Director

Medica Lanka Pvt Ltd is a company dedicated for customer service with an extraordinary eye for quality and the introduction of the latest technology to its customer. The Journey of Medica Lanka started in the year 2013 with a modest capital of USD 100,000/-. The company started its venture with the view of ensuring the customer centric business. The journey that started in 2013, for Medica Lanka, had not been easy. When Striving to provide the best solutions for the customer, Medica Lanka had stumbled upon many obstacles from the then Giants in the industry. With all these negative forces pressuring the company to follow the norms of the industry, we as Medica Lanka had been able to live its true virtues, thanks to a very dedicated staff force, a loyal customer base that steadily grows and a supplier base from around the world that trusts Medica Lanaka and its values.

At the beginning Medica Lanka started dealing in Veterinary drugs Animal Feed Additives import and distribution. The company had been able to provide the customers a value addition by educating the end user through a series of programmes conducted by its professional staff. The constant visits to the farms had helped the farmer in ensuring a quality product at a reasonable price.

We at Medica Lanka is proud to state that after 5 years the company has grown to be one of the most dominant players in the veterinary and poultry industry of Sri Lanka., with the achievement of the market leader in some of the products. With the trust that was built with Medica Lanka, the company outstretched its wings to the Human Pharmaceuticals just over a year ago. Though we are at the infant stages of Human Pharmaceuticals with our company expertise and the government trust and backing we are certain that we would be a dominant player in the industry. s Finally we would like to thank you all our valued customers, staff and the suppliers for placing the trust on Medica Lanka Pvt Ltd and we would continue to serve you better by providing the world’s best products at affordable prices

Our Vision

MV 2025 “Medica Vision 2025 would be to help achieve the Government vision of a healthier nation through the introduction of latest medical break through both in human, veterinary and agriculture fields to uplift the customer standards.

We Provide World Class Service to Our Customers

Our Mission

We at Medica Lanka would strive to introduce the best quality products to our community to ensure the upliftment and the wellbeing of our customers. We will continue to challenge our global partners to be the best supplier while we train and empower our customer community. We at Medica Lanka would be the link for a for a better tomorrow.

We Deliver Our Service Since 2005

Key Roles Board of Directors

Dr. Reshan Godwin

Jt. Managing Director
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Dr. Ann Lenani

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Distribution Network

Our distribution is island wide with dedicated distributors who are flexible, timely and efficient. All products are cautiously handled with care especially vaccines where the cold chain is maintained correctly. They are despatched either directly from our stores to end users or through distributors and stockists spread throughout the country.

Global Alliances

  • Agencies for Animal Feed Supplements from an ISO Certified International Company in China.
  • Two Agencies for Veterinary Pharmaceuticals poultry and pet products from ISO Certified Companies in India.
  • One Agency for Veterinary Pharmaceuticals and Biologicals from ISO Certified Company in South Korea.
  • Capitalize on the products not manufactured in the region
  • One Agency for Natural Feed Supplements for poultry from an ISO Certified Company in Turkey
  • Capitalize on the products not manufactured in the region
  • Global Feed Raw Material Suppliers From Malaysia