Shipping Method

We offer a single shipping method for all orders. Our standard shipping option is designed to ensure your order reaches you promptly and securely.

Processing Time

Orders are typically processed within one business day. Please note that processing time refers to the time it takes to prepare your order for delivery after it has been placed.

Shipping Costs

The customer must pay delivery costs at the time of purchase. Courier charges may be added to the total if you select your delivery area during checkout. If you do not select your delivery area, your order will be declined.

Tracking Information

For most orders, tracking information will be provided once the order has been shipped. This allows you to monitor the status of your order and estimate its delivery date.

Address Accuracy

Please ensure that your shipping address is accurate and complete to prevent delays or lost shipments. We are not responsible for orders shipped to incorrectly provided addresses.

Delays and Exceptions

While we strive to deliver your orders within the estimated timeframes, there may be occasional delays due to factors beyond our control, such as weather, carrier issues, or unforeseen events. We appreciate your understanding in such situations.


For information on returns, please refer to our Returns policy page.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about our shipping policy, feel free to contact us through whatsapp 077 434 3672.

General outline of what a return policy could include. Keep in mind that you should consult with legal professionals to ensure that your return policy aligns with local laws and regulations.


Explain the purpose of the return policy and the scope of the policy. Make it clear that the policy applies to products sold through your online platform.

Eligibility for Returns

Acceptable Return Reasons: Returns are only accepted if they involve an incorrect item or a different packaging size than what was ordered.

Conditions for Returns: Returns are only processed for products that are unopened or damaged. The condition of the product will be confirmed by the company before a return is accepted.

Notification Period

Customers are required to notify the company through WhatsApp (0774343672) within 3 days of receiving the goods if they wish to initiate a return.

In case there is any damage to the secondary(Outer) packaging of the received goods, customers should send photographs to a designated WhatsApp number (0774343672) immediately after receiving the parcel (Ideally within one hour. We will not take responsibility for complaints received after one hour of delivery).

Return Charges

The company will cover the costs associated with returning the goods, as long as they meet the specified requirements.

Return Process

**Step 1: Verify Eligibility**

   – Ensure that your purchased product qualifies for a return, i.e., it is either an incorrect item or a different packaging size.

**Step 2: Prepare for Return**

   – If your product is eligible for return, make sure it is in its original, unopened condition or document any damages.

**Step 3: Initiate Return Request**

   – Within 3 days of receiving the goods, send a message to our WhatsApp number (0774343672) to initiate the return process. Include the following details in your message:

     – Your name and contact information

     – Order number or reference

     – Reason for return (e.g., incorrect item, damaged packaging)

**Step 4: Await Confirmation**

   – Our team will review your return request and get back to you on WhatsApp to confirm the return and provide instructions for the next steps.

**Step 5: Package the Item**

   – If your return is approved, carefully package the product ensuring it is in its original condition or as damaged.

**Step 6: Arrange Pickup or Drop-off**

   – Depending on the return process specified by our team, either arrange for the product to be picked up from your location or drop it off at a designated location.

**Step 7: Await Inspection**

   – Once we receive the returned product, we will inspect it to ensure it meets the return criteria. This may include confirming that the product is unopened or assessing the damage.

**Step 8: Processing the Return**

   – If the returned item meets the return criteria, we will process your return request.

**Step 9: Refund or Replacement**

   – Depending on your preference and the availability of the correct item, we will either issue a refund or send a replacement product.

**Step 10: Confirmation**

   – We will notify you via WhatsApp once the return process is complete, and any necessary actions have been taken.

Please keep in mind that it’s important to follow these steps and communicate through the provided WhatsApp number for a smooth return process. If you have any questions or concerns during the process, feel free to contact us through WhatsApp for assistance.

Warranty and Guarantee

Explain any warranties or guarantees that come with the products. This might cover defects, durability, or other performance aspects.

Legal Disclaimers

Include any necessary legal disclaimers, limitations of liability, and references to consumer protection laws in your jurisdiction.

Remember, your return policy should be clear, concise, and easy to understand. It’s crucial to ensure that your policy complies with local laws and regulations to avoid any legal issues. Always consider seeking legal advice when drafting or updating your return policy.